Dale Earnhardt Jr. is known for what he’s been able to accomplish on the race track, but he may have a full-fledged career as an NFL pundit if his recent comments on the Cleveland Browns are any indication.

Earnhardt Jr. will be a full-time commentator soon for NBC, so perhaps that’s where his latest comments came from. Maybe he’s just warming up the hot take machine.

While recently taking questions at Dover International Speedway about his impending retirement as well as his final race at the track, Junior discussed his favorite team’s quarterback, Kirk Cousins, who did not get a big contract before last week’s franchise tag deadline.

Junior discussed the fact that he’s afraid that Washington may not have a “Plan B” at quarterback with Cousins not locked in long-term. He went into some of the Redskins’ recent losses at wideout, but then stopped on new addition Terrelle Pryor, who just came over to Washington from the Cleveland Browns:

Here’s what he said, per Michelle R. Martinelli of

“It’s pretty disappointing. I don’t know what the alternative plan is. I’m not sure about if he’s not there next year what their plan is. That’s the only thing that I think worries all the fans is what are we going to have as plan B, ya know? So he’s a really good quarterback, and I think that he could have an extremely productive year.

“They talk about losing two important receivers from last year (Pierre Garçon and DeSean Jackson), but I think that the guys that they brought in will be great targets, got a lot of height. Pryor could be a real breakout guy. He had a great year in Cleveland, so imagine what he could do on a real team.

That’s a pretty stiff jab at the Browns, who are no longer just the punching bag of the NFL but also the punching bag of the sports world. All indications suggest that it was a completely unprovoked attack on Cleveland, but at this point, that’s basically a standard operating procedure, isn’t it?

From numerous failed draft picks to a potentially dangerous stadium, Cleveland is truly the bottom of the barrel as far as NFL teams are concerned.

Earnhardt Jr’s not even a full-fledged pundit yet — some may say he’s not a real broadcaster — but he already knows that Cleveland football is easy pickings.

NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. shreds NFL team after letting its best player walk: “Imagine what he could do on a real team” Daniel Shirey/Getty Images
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