Terry Bradshaw Quarantine Crazy
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Terry Bradshaw Debuts New Song "Quarantine Crazy"


Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw is a gem we don't deserve. Growing up in the Steel City, I saw first-hand just how much the Louisiana native meant to that city. Even 40 years after he led the Steelers to four Super Bowl titles in a six-season span, you cannot head to Heinz Field on Pittsburgh's North Shore without seeing a bevy of black and gold No. 12 jerseys with "BRADSHAW" sewn across the back.

In retirement, Bradshaw's star certainly hasn't faded. The Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee is an Emmy Award-winning NFL analyst on Fox NFL Sunday and boasts an acting resume in movies and television shows that rivals anyone in Hollywood.

Oh, and he's released six albums as a country music and gospel singer.

A natural entertainer, Bradshaw released his first album "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" in 1976 at the height of the Steelers' dynasty. His cover of Hank Williams' song by the same name reached No. 17 on Billboard's country chart that year.


During the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak of 2020, the football star had another stroke of musical genius.

"I was on the phone in my office with Buddy Martin, a really great sportswriter I've known for 30-something years. And we were talking football, and Tammy's in the kitchen and she hollers at me and says, 'Terry! I'm going quarantine crazy!' I said, 'Quarantine crazy? Hey, that's a country song title.'

"I said, 'Buddy, I'll call you back.'"

-- Terry Bradshaw, via Rolling Stone

Stuck on his 800-acre ranch in Thackerville, Oklahoma, along with his wife Tammy Bradshaw and three grandchildren, Bradshaw dusted off his pipes and teamed up with songwriter Jimmy Yeary to put together a hilarious, catchy new song inspired by his wife's outburst.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "Quarantine Crazy."

Terry Bradshaw: Quarantine Crazy


Quarantine Crazy Lyrics

I told my wife to be patient with me
I'll slow it down and find some time, you'll see
To spend with you and these bundles of joy
Well my wish came true but it wasn't by choice
Now all this time with them has sure been a blessing
Just hanging out together 24/7
Now it was fun for a week, I'll admit it
But my cabin fever's about to reach it's limit

Going quarantine crazy
I'm talking straightjacket lately
Another day or two might break me
I'm going quarantine crazy

I'm Achy Breaky like Billy Ray Cyrus
'Cause if I leave I might get that virus
We're all out of beans and all out of taters
Come in and raffle off the last roll of toilet paper


I've seen every episode of Dora The Explorer
The kids are fighting while the dogs are snoring
If I ever say I need some time off again
Somebody punch me square in the chin!

I'm going quarantine crazy
Plum out of my mind lately
Don't usually let nothing phase me
I'm going quarantine crazy

I'm pretty sure my wife hates me
I'm going quarantine crazy

(Oh I'm losing mind!)

"I want everybody to look at how serious this is and let's all pull together. We're going to get through this," Bradshaw told Rolling Stone. "We're going to get through this. And we're going to learn from it. And this country was built on tough people who don't take no for an answer; who persevere and have a positive outlook."

And the answer is yes: Quarantine Crazy is available on Spotify and iTunes, and it's already on every country playlist I own.

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