Tua and Justin Herbert.
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The Justin Herbert vs. Tua Tagovailoa Debate is Officially Over

Prior to Sunday night's matchup between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Miami Dolphins, there was an online debate on whether Justin Herbert deserved to be drafted over Tua TagovailoaThis started because the two quarterbacks were in the same draft class, and Tua was drafted ahead of Herbert. 

Whenever that happens, the two fan bases will fight tooth and nail to prove their quarterback was the right pick and should've been drafted higher, while the other side exclaims the opposite. 

The debate has all been settled.

The Great QB Debate: Tua vs. Herbert

Tua Tagovailoa #1 of the Cincinnati Bengals against the Miami Dolphins at Paul Brown Stadium

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Herbert hasn't been winning the "big games" or making the "important throws" for the Chargers, while the Dolphins' Tagovailoa is having the best season he's had as a pro. Now, there's an easy answer to why this debate is unwarranted, and it's this: Almost any quarterback would play exceptionally well if they had Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle to throw to each play. 

That's not meant to disparage Tagovailoa's accomplishments this season. However, the results were expected. Had Tagovailoa struggled this year, all bets would be off, and Tua would officially claim the "bust" title.

Meanwhile, Herbert is a quarterback who gets criticism for not winning the big games. That's due in part to the fact that he can't play every position — and that his head coach hasn't been as crisp as he's been in years past. 

Brandon Staley was paraded as this ultra-genius because he'd go for it on fourth down more frequently than other head coaches. (And, sure, I drank some of that Kool-Aid last season.) But this year, that sparkle has lost its shine. 

The Chargers sit at 7-6 currently, although they were already being announced as Super Bowl Champions this offseason. To the Chargers' misfortune, they've faced some poor injury luck. That happens, though, and it can't be the reason for a team underperforming

And while some were stating Tagovailoa was a better quarterback than Herbert, that myth was busted rather quickly Sunday night during the Chargers' 23-17 win. 

That said, both are good enough quarterbacks to win with their team. Sure, Tua isn't the same player as Herbert, but that shouldn't mean Tagovailoa is nothing.

Two Quarterbacks, Both Alike in Pedigree

ustin Herbert, right, quarterback with the Los Angeles Chargers, signs autographs for fans at training camp

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Simply put, the two quarterbacks play a very different game. 

Herbert is the type of quarterback who throws missiles across the field with incredible technique, while also being a cognitive mastermind. Tagovailoa plays more of a run-pass offense game, which works really well with the personnel he has catching his passes. Tagovailoa can get the right person the ball in their hands to make magic happen. Knowing that Hill and Waddle are his No. 1 and 2 options makes being a quarterback much easier. Herbert doesn't have that same luxury in receivers. 

Herbert's best option is a toss-up between Mike Williams and Keenan Allen, as well as having the alternative of throwing to Austin Ekeler. While those names are recognizable, Tagovailoa has the better options by a country mile. As stated earlier, if Herbert had even one of Tagovailoa's weapons — let alone both — Patrick Mahomes' records at Kansas City would start falling at an alarming rate.

At the end of the day, Herbert is the better quarterback. Again, that isn't a dig at Tua, but  Herbert is just better than he is at the position.

When the two quarterbacks hang it up, that statement will be even more true — book it.

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