The Kelce Bowl, otherwise known as Super Bowl LVII, is the first time two brothers will face off against each other in the NFL's big game.
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The Kelce Bowl: Two Brothers from Ohio are Making Super Bowl History 

When you were a kid, did you pretend you were playing in the big game, hitting a game-winning walk-off, catching the game-winning touchdown, shooting a game-winning buzzer-beater? Did you and your friends or siblings pretend you were facing off on the biggest stage? I think we've all been there to some extent, a young kid with stars in their eyes, daydreaming about their epic sports moment. 

This year, at Super Bowl LVII, two brothers will see that boyhood play and those years of daydreaming pretending to battle it out on the biggest stage — come to life. When the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles suit up on Super Bowl Sunday, two of the game's greats will face off, and only one will earn the right to hoist the Lombardi Trophy: Jason Kelce versus Travis Kelce, Eagles versus Chiefs, a battle for the record books

Growing Up Kelce

The Kelce brothers have been playing football since they were kiddos and have grown up side by side, sharing their love for the game. The brothers are only two years apart and have been close since their days of playing pee wee football together. Their shared competitive drive may have caused the occasional brotherly scuffle, but Travis told NFL Films, "I think the competitiveness that we had growing up is very big on why we're even in the NFL in the first place."

The brothers parlayed that energy into playing collegiate ball together for the University of Cincinnati. Jason was a walk-on who eventually landed on the offensive line, and Travis made the decision to turn down multiple scholarship offers so he could play with his big brother. "Being two years behind him, I've naturally always kind of followed his footsteps," he said in an interview with NFL Films. "Being on his team, knowing that he's already going through this system — it just made the most sense."

Those young men will now add to their history-making stats by becoming the first brothers to face off in a Super Bowl. It's been a wild ride for the Kelce brothers from their Ohio football days to being part of NFL powerhouses

Sibling Rivalry

Travis and Jason Kelce, are the first brothers to ever face off against each other in a Super Bowl.

Left: Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images, Right: Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Kelce brothers were both drafted by their Super Bowl-bound teams at the end of their collegiate runs and have been making history ever since. Between the two NFL superstars, there are two Super Bowl wins, 14 Pro Bowls, nine first-team All-Pro selections, a combined 22 seasons and a newly popular podcast. Jason Kelce is often regarded as the best center in the league, and younger brother Travis is already part of the GOAT tight end debate.

The brothers — who have both been coached by the NFL's second-most playoff-winning head coach, Andy Reid — are ferociously supportive of each other. However, Jason made it clear he's not going to let blood distract him from the task of winning his second Super Bowl. "I got a Kansas City sweatshirt I'm gonna wear for the next three hours, and then that's it for the rest of the year," the Eagles center said after winning the NFC championship came. "Win or lose, I'm done being a Chiefs fan." 

The brothers are heading into Super Bowl weekend vividly aware that only one Kelce will walk away with their second ring. But in the meantime, they'll harness their sibling rivalry into another banger podcast episode. "New Heights" is the brothers' podcast; and thanks to their chemistry, it's blown up, landing on the top lists for both Spotify and Apple. This Wednesday's episode is a certified must-listen for NFL fans as the Super Bowl-bound brothers' sibling rivalry has truly reached new heights

Win or Lose, The Kelce Family Wins 

Mother Donna Kelce (C) gives cookies to her son's Jason Kelce (L) #62 of the Philadelphia Eagles and Travis Kelce (R) #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs during Super Bowl LVII Opening Night presented by Fast Twitch at Footprint Center

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While the Kelce brothers are making NFL history as the first brothers to face off in a Super Bowl, fans want to know whom the Kelce family is rooting for, because it feels like a truly sticky spot to be in. However, Jason and Travis' mom has a proud history of managing to support both of her sons equally, even if it means traveling 1,300 miles to be in the stands for both games on the same day. Donna Kelce drew media attention in 2022 when she managed to make both Jason and Travis' wild card games in person. Talk about doing whatever it takes to show up for your sons. Donna Kelce is the ultimate NFL mom. 

When asked about the historic Super Bowl meeting her sons will make on Feb. 12, she didn't miss a beat, saying, "They've been thinking about this since they were 10 years old. ... it's elation, but someone's going to come out a loser." 

Travis Kelce politely disagrees with his mom. When asked how it feels to be facing his brother in the Super Bowl, the charismatic touchdown-maker replied, "It's a cool scenario to be in. You know, my mom can't lose. I'll just leave it at that."

The Kelce family will surely be inundated with tears on Super Bowl Sunday, both of heartbreak and jubilation. What a unique experience to share as a family. Now, how do we start a campaign for Donna Kelce to be an honorary captain and facilitate the Super Bowl coin toss? I can't think of a better way to kick off the big game than with a mom in a half-Chiefs, half-Eagles jersey beaming with pride for both organizations and what they've managed to accomplish this season. 

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