Tom Brady dropped a huge f-bomb at a cameraman ahead of AFC Championship game @sonofthebronx/Clippit

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wasn’t around on Sunday to deal with pesky cameramen and their dang need to record videos of him.

Prior to New England’s AFC Championship game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, the legendary gunslinger met his first true test of the day… a camera and the man operating it.

Warning: The following video contains some language NSFW or children.

For whatever it is worth, this isn’t Brady’s first ever run-in with people from the camera community. In fact, here is Touchdown Tom yelling yet again at a cameraman on Sunday.

It is the year 2018, and we’re just now finding out that Tom Brady’s biggest rival is a camera.

Earlier on Sunday, New England owner Robert Kraft reignited some flames concerning Brady’s relationship with Bill Belichick. When asked about those guys working together in the future, Kraft responded:

“Everyone has to get their egos checked in and get it together.”

There was an outside chance that Tom Brady could have missed, or at least not started, the AFC Championship Game due to a hand injury. Brady had to get stitches in his hand after an incident at practice earlier in the week.

Obviously, Brady has been able to overcome his hand issue, and started for the Patriots on Sunday.

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