Recipient of dirty Rob Gronkowski hit calls NFL’s punishment “a joke” @DylansFreshTake/Twitter

Rob Gronkowski has been in the news all week for what everyone agrees was a wildly dirty hit against Tre’Davious White of the Buffalo Bills. Since the incident, Gronkowski has been assessed a one-game suspension (that he actually bothered to appeal) and, with that news in mind, White was asked about the punishment and how he felt about it on Thursday.

?It?s a joke,? White said to Jon Scott of SPEC News in Buffalo. ?I don?t know what to say on that. I?m laying there, he [hit] me with my back turned. He could?ve broken my neck. I?ve got a son to raise.?

It is very easy to see why White would be bothered by what many perceive as light punishment and, within the same interview, the former LSU standout also indicated that Gronkowski has not yet apologized for the play. While it is certainly a good thing that White did not incur even more physical damage, it remains to be seen as to what kind of impact this incident will have on Gronkowski’s reputation, especially given some of the reaction from prominent NFL figures.

Tre’Davious White isn’t happy and, frankly, it is impossible to blame him for that reaction after what amounted to a highly dangerous play.

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