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Von Miller Tends His Chickens in Hilarious ESPN Commercial

ESPN is the "Worldwide Leader in Sports," and they've always had a knack for bringing the biggest superstars home on a personal level, like the award-winning 30 for 30 series telling sports' untold stories. One of the company's biggest attractions, though, are the famous This is SportsCenter commercials.

The commercials portray athletes mixing with SportsCenter anchors in office shenanigans, and they're sure-fire hits for a great laugh. One installment features one of the NFL's most eclectic personalities, and most feared defensive pass rushers, doing what he does best. That would be Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller tending his chickens.

The former Super Bowl MVP graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Poultry Science and raises chickens in his spare time.

In his This is SportsCenter commercial, we get a look at what keeps the six-time Pro Bowl selection busy during the work week at ESPN headquarters.

Von Miller ESPN Commercial

Imagine trying to film Von Miller chasing a costumed chicken through an office and keep a straight face the entire time?

I mean, the guy REALLY likes chickens...


Including operating his own farm near Dallas, Miller's off-the-field resume includes founding Von's Vision, which helps low-income Denver-area youths get free eye examinations and eyeglasses they need.

Known for his unique style and outgoing personality, the former Season 22 contestant on Dancing With The Stars is one of the most relatable NFL players in the game, and he just so happens to be one of the most dominant defenders in NFL history.

Miller's career is becoming one of the greatest ever. The nine-year pro moved into the top 25 on the all-time NFL sack list with 106.0 through 135 career games. He's made eight Pro Bowls and doesn't appear ready to retire.

Hey, if this football thing doesn't work out, at least we know Von Miller has a bright future in wrangling up office chickens.

This article was originally published October 2, 2018.

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