Backyard Wrestlers Attempt Piledriver Off Roof, And It Ends Horribly
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There are just some things you shouldn’t try at home, and that includes on top of your home. Wrestling in the middle of Walmart’s arts and crafts section is a good place to start. Stone Cold Steve Austin’s monster truck stunt is certainly another.

There’s a reason WWE wrestlers are on TV and regular dudes like us are at home on the couch. These guys are professionals who practice suplexes, body slams, elbow drops and powerbombs for a living. They’re trained to entertain, make moves look real and, prevent injuries.

Hulk Hogan would shake his head in disappointment at what these two not-so-smart guys decided to try off a roof.

WARNING: The following video contains a potentially graphic injury.

Backyard Wrestlers Attempt Piledriver Off Roof

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I don’t really have much to say about this clip, except WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN?

Did these backyard wrestling fools really think that flimsy table was going to break a fall from some 10-15 feet above? I mean, the guy who gets flipped upside down by his buddy is lucky his neck is still in one piece.

What really gets me about this video is that 1. the videographers asks “you guys OK?” while they are writhing in pain and 2. decides to keep the camera rolling and gives us a close-up up of Mr. Orange Pants so we can really feel the pain in his tailbone.

Either these dudes are terrific actors and deserve pro wrestling contracts from WWE or they hatched a terrible idea that ended in lots of very real pain. Hopefully this didn’t end in a trip to the emergency room.

The comments on this YouTube video with more than 70,000 views terrifically sum it up:

From Rob L: “Ok dude what’s wrong” “ahhwhahhhhhhhhwaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh”


From Ivan Paligutan: I wanna know where these guys are now. Prolly in matching wheelchairs.

From Mortally Challenged: Guys wrestling is fake they’re fine xD

Let this serve as a reminder to leave the hardcore wrestling moves to the professionals.

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