Eddie Edwards bat Sami Callihan

Video of footage of former World Champion suffering broken facial bones to air Thursday


Back in mid-January, pictures emerged from a match between former TNA and ROH World Heavyweight champion Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan where the former was taken to the hospital after a bat spot with a chair went wrong, resulting in a "ton of blood".

According to PWInsider, the match is set to air on Thursday on Pop TV at 8 p.m., and the match will be shown in its entirety, including the bat spot and the aftermath.

He released an update, noting the variety of injuries he suffered:

According to the report, during Impact Wrestling's taping, Edwards defeated Callihan, who attacked him after the match. Callihan reportedly placed a chair on Edwards and hit it with a baseball bat. The bat bounced off the chair and hit Edwards across the top of the head, per the report.


Edwards returned to the locker room and was apparently taken to the ER.

Despite the injury, he seemed in good spirits:

Edwards is a former TNA World Heavyweight champion, two-time X-Division champion and five-time tag team champion. He also held the ROH World Heavyweight championship, World Television championship and is a two-time tag team champion.