Kota Ibushi and Tetsuya Naito are two of the best pro wrestlers in the world. I would probably rate both within my personal Top 10 for active guys right now.

But this was stupid.

The two faced off earlier this week as part of the opener for the G1 Climax tournament for New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). The match was fantastic, but the major criticism? Ibushi hit Naito with a top rope piledriver that looked absolutely brutal.

Most piledrivers are safely executed, but so much could have gone wrong here for a match that probably won’t be that remembered by the end of the year thanks to just how much high quality work NJPW is putting out. Plus, at 35, Naito really doesn’t need to be taken a move that could potentially ruin his neck.

Also, THE MOVE DIDN’T EVEN FINISH THE MATCH! Naito kicked out, and he eventually won the match to score two points in the tournament.

Now, Ibushi has done plenty of crazy stuff in his career. He’s jumped off a balcony, shot himself with fireworks, and he even took some of his craziness to WWE last year. He’s no stranger to pulling off dangerous stunts, but he might want to calm it down a bit if he and the rest of the NJPW roster want to make it out of this tournament alive.

Was this piledriver the dumbest pro wrestling move of the year? Streamable/Screenshot
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