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Braun Strowman's Dad is the "Babe Ruth of Softball"

WWE superstar Braun Strowman is one of the strongest dudes on the planet. The 6-foot-8, 385-pound wrestler is nothing short of dominant in the ring and was even a strongman before signing on with the WWE.

Well, WWE fans who ever wondered if Strowman could exceed in other sports than wrestling won't have to look far for their answer. If Strowman followed in the footsteps of his legendary father, he'd likely be tearing the cover off of softballs.

Braun Strowman Dad

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Braun Strowman, whose real name is Adam Scherr, is the son of Rick Scherr.

Rick is a Slinger, Wisconsin native and a legendary softball player who is known for crushing home runs in slow pitch softball leagues.

Throughout Rick "The Crusher" Scherr's career in softball, it's estimated that he hit more than 1,800 homers. Other reports claim he hit more than 4,000 long balls.

He was even seen launching softballs into the bleachers at Major League Baseball stadiums, including parking a ball on Waveland Avenue outside of Chicago's Wrigley Field to the surprise of the professional baseball players spectating. Even Pete Rose was in awe.

"It was between games of a doubleheader with the Phillies. Pete Rose was there. I've met Pete a couple of times. I think he's a real nice man. He'd even stand out there and watch and stuff. Some baseball players were a little snobby. They'd say, 'This guy's not going to hit no softball out of here,'" Scherr told the Los Angeles Times in 1986.

"They had 35,000 people there, and I just caught a good day, with the wind blowing out. I guess I hit six into the bleachers. The guy pitching finally threw me a real nice pitch, and I hit it onto that Waverly Avenue, or whatever."

Rick Scherr's softball team, the Howard's Western Steer formerly known as Howard's Furniture, won six National Championships. He was named to the USSSA All-World Team six times. He was also voted the Top Player of the Decade and the 1985 ISA MVP and has been an ASA All-American 10 times.

Rick Scherr's Legendary Softball Career

He has played in a record 14 World Series and boasts an absurd career batting average of .685. One season, Scherr launched 485 home runs and 918 RBIs, proving his worth as the greatest hitter in softball history.

His successes have earned him enshrinement in the the ASA, USSSA and ISA Hall of Fame, where he's honored as one of the greatest sluggers ever. The Orlando Sentinel referred to Scherr as the "Babe Ruth of softball."

It's clear where Strowman acquired his athletic ability. While he's a legend in WWE, his father Rick Scherr will forever be known as the greatest slow pitch softball player of all time.

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