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Sting Wrestles Young Kid in Classic Sprite Commercial

In the world of professional wrestling, the larger-than-life characters are further spotlighted in other areas of entertainment. Video games and action figures are quite common among popular main event superstars.

In addition, along with film and television shows, many wrestlers are featured in commercials as well. Spending much time on the road throughout their careers, wrestlers being a part of entertainment, both in and out of the ring, are a regular component of their schedule.

Without question, Sting was one of the all-time greats in the NWA and WCW brand. Winning over 25 championships throughout his Hall of Fame career, "The Man Called Sting" was a top name in WCW, and arguably the biggest adversary to the nWo on the Nitro and Thunder weekly TV programs.

That also led to a classic Sprite commercial.

Sting's Sprite Commercial

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In 1999, Sting was a part of a funny commercial. Knocking on the door of a family home, a kid answered and greeted Sting. Sting called out the kid to a wrestling match, and his parents cleared out a space for them to wrestle.

The kid then told Stinger to hold on and sipped on his Sprite, but this did not help. He ended up getting pummeled, which the commercial ending, "don't count on Sprite to do anything but quench your thirst."

During the time of this soft drink commercial in 1999, Sting was still a top name for the WCW brand. When WCW folded in 2001 as a result of being purchased by WWE, Sting chose not to move over with other WWE stars, but instead competed for the World Wrestling All-Stars promotion before spending a decade competing for TNA.

Although Sting maintained his iconic character and was a top name for the TNA brand, the later stages of his career in the promotion, particularly matches against Jeff Hardy and Hulk Hogan, left fans wanting a refresher for his legendary career.

Sting Ends Legendary Career With WWE

This refresher came in shocking fashion during the closing moments of the 2014 Survivor Series PPV.

Dolph Ziggler, being the last person of John Cena's team, was outnumbered by the power advantage of Triple H, who Pedigreed Ziggler and rolled Seth Rollins over to get the pin. As soon as Scott Armstrong started counting, Sting's intro began, and he entered the arena to a thunderous ovation. Sting proceeded to execute a Scorpion Death Drop on Triple H, rolling Ziggler over on Rollins and leading Cena's team to victory.

Despite this amazing debut - one of the greatest debuts in WWE history - WWE did a very improper job keeping this momentum for Sting while he competed in the company. Feuding with Triple H, Sting lost against him at WrestleMania 31, which was quite a shock to many.

Sting only competed for three more matches in WWE — a total of only four — with two of them occurring on the same night on Monday Night Raw. His last bout was a loss against Seth Rollins in a WWE title match at the Night of Champions pay-per-view, before officially announcing his retirement at the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

Although many fans are not happy that Sting missed out on pro wrestling matches with names such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, and Kane as a result of his allegiance to WCW and TNA, he was still able to compete against names such as Bret Hart and Randy Savage while competing for WCW.

Also, while in WCW, he was able to a make a funny Super Bowl-worthy commercial of throwing a kid around who wanted to wrestle him.

This post was originally published on September 4, 2019.

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