Cody Rhodes defends WWE when asked if Vince McMahon caps talent


Cody Rhodes, a former WWE talent, defended the company when asked if Vince McMahon caps talent that comes from NXT. This all went down on the mean streets of Twitter.

He doesn't hold anybody back. A lot of times it's hard for fans to accept that some of their favorites have a ways to go or that they become lazy after they get that first LE check. Stardust for example didn't go beyond tag gold cuz' I wasn't improving & I also got outta' shape.

This might come as odd to some, as most former WWE wrestlers use any chance they get to destroy their former employer. That being said, Rhodes is a different breed of cat. Not only is he close to doing a historic, 10,000-seat All In show, but he has one of the best heads on any set of shoulders in the pro wrestling business.

Furthermore, him taking blame for not doing more with Stardust -- a character that seemed limited from its inception -- highlights how much accountability Rhodes takes in his own work. Honestly, we all need to be a little bit more like Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes started with the WWE in 2006 in its then developmental OVW territory. He made his main roster debut in 2007 and stayed with the company until 2016. During his time with the WWE, Rhodes won the tag team straps (two different versions) six times and the Intercontinental Championship twice.


Rhodes is currently one of the, if not the, top non-WWE wrestlers on the planet. He is currently signed to the Ring of Honor promotion.