Here’s the latest after a former champion walked out of Monday Night Raw months ago WWE screenshot

If you thought the relationship between Neville and the WWE was already bad, know that it has supposedly gotten worse.

For those unaware, Neville abruptly left the WWE in October. Reports at the time cited the performer’s unhappiness with just about everything going on as the reason for his sudden leaving.

Still, some people began to believe, especially with Neville still under a WWE contract, that he’d eventually find his way back to the promotion. Alas, while that contract part will keep Neville with the WWE, the company is only doing so out of spite.

In an update to this entire debacle, Dave Meltzer noted on Sunday’s Wrestling Observer Radio that the talent is still under contract with the WWE, but wants out of the company. We already knew this. However, it was also noted that WWE will not grant him his release and will make him sit out the remainder of his contract.

Think about that for a second. The WWE has a guy under contract, a talent it can do pretty much whatever with, and instead of using him, working things out, or just letting him walk, said company is reportedly going to force him to wait until the deal runs out.

We certainly don’t have all the details on this, but this seems brutal. While most of us will feel empathetic for Neville, and while he might deserve it, maybe the WWE knows some stuff we don’t.

Since Neville’s exit, Enzo Amore has taken the cruiserweight championship and run with it. He’s battled Kalisto on occasion and has increased interest in the purple brand with the ‘Zo Train en tow.

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