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Rumors begin to circulate that the WWE might be destined for new ownership


In what will become an even bigger story as days go by, reports are starting to circulate that the WWE might have a new home. Furthermore, that it might not only have its flagship shows air on a different network, but that a new company might just buy the entire promotion.

According to famed pro wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, FOX could be interested in both of those possibilities.

The WWE, a company currently airing shows for NBC Universal, reportedly had a preliminary meeting with FOX executives months ago. WWE's deal with NBC Universal is set to expire in 2019.

After FOX met with WWE last summer, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is now reporting that FOX could be interested in buying the entire promotion in addition to its broadcasting rights. Mind you, this is happening alongside FOX attempting to negotiate a deal with the UFC.


While most of the details are still not yet known, it is suggested that a move to FOX would result in Monday Night Raw reverting back to being a two-hour show, as many FOX channels have traditional local news shows that air at 10 p.m. ET. Raw currently runs from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

This somewhat keeps in with recent happenings. WWE's most important person, Vince McMahon, recently dedicated a bunch of his own loot to the mysterious Alpha Entertainment company.

The story here is clearly still developing and fluid. We will keep you posted when and if more information becomes available. Until then, let conjecture and reckless speculation run wild!