Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels thinks three of the top non-WWE stars should eventually make the jump

This would be awesome.

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels is apparently a fan of The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. So much so, in fact, he recently explained why he would like to see all three performers join the WWE at some point.

During an appearance on X-Pac's podcast, HBK said the following:

I have met them [Young Bucks] but it was a pretty brief encounter but you know I hear great things about them, you know phenomenal workers and that Kenny Omega kid. I get it that people don't wanna be part of the WWE for one reason or another ...and I totally 100 percent understand that ... I just want the most talented guys that are doing this line of work to be able to do it in a place where they can reap the most rewards. There are people that think they are making a phenomenal living away from the WWE and I have no doubt that they are but I still hope there comes a day where all these guys will come to the WWE and have the opportunity to do it on a bigger stage. I enjoy the world being able to appreciate what is we do. And if you can do it at a phenomenal level, I'd like everybody to see that and WWE is the place where you can show that and that's not to take anything away from everybody else ... if a dude like me can make a living surely those guys can.

Both The Young Bucks and Omega have long claimed they make good livings outside of the WWE. Furthermore, they all seem to embrace the idea of being non-WWE type of talent.

That being said, from a fan perspective, it would be far easier to follow each of those wrestlers if they were trotting about a WWE-styled squared-circle.

The Bucks, often touted as the best tag team in the world, have previously had touch and go negations with the WWE in the past. The Bucks are nine-time tag team champions in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and four-time champions in Ring of Honor.

Omega, who was recently rumored to be headed to the WWE, instead opted to remain an international superstar with NJPW. Omega has held five different championships in NJPW, and has gained significant press over the past two years thanks to his matches against Kazuchika Okada, Tetsuya Naito, and Chris Jericho.

(H/T Pro Wrestling)