There have been rumors that WWE CEO Vince McMahon could be looking into bringing the XFL back after over 15 years, but it’s unclear how serious he is about relaunching the failed experiment.

Instead of giving the XFL another try, former wrestling commentator and ESPN SportsCenter anchor Jonathan Coachman thinks McMahon could be interested in purchasing an NFL team — specifically the Carolina Panthers.

Coachman said via TMZ Sports that he doesn’t think McMahon would want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on something he’s already tried that didn’t work out.

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“Best believe Vince has been doing some research behind the scenes because he’s not going to come out and blow 50 or 100 million on something he’s already tried,” Coachman said.

Coachman then said that few people know that McMahon’s home base is in North Carolina, and he speculated that it could lead him to be interested in purchasing the Panthers.

“He’s got a restaurant in North Carolina, hell Triple H’s bachelor party was in Raleigh, North Carolina,” Coachman said.

He said McMahon has “legitimate money” and that he’s a billionaire who could secure enough funding to make a bid on the Panthers.

Current owner Jerry Richardson decided to put the team up for sale, and the timing of his decision came after it was revealed he has a history of making sexually and racially inappropriate comments to employees.

If McMahon could buy the Panthers, that would be a much more safer investment option than bringing back the XFL, which was cancelled after one season. But knowing McMahon, it wouldn’t be surprising if he wanted to give the XFL another try.


Vince McMahon may have even bigger plans than simply bringing the XFL back Ethan Miller/Getty Images
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