Bubba Wallace during press conference prank
Twitter: Bubba Wallace

Bubba Wallace's Press Conference Prank Had Tyler Reddick Seriously Confused

Who doesn't enjoy a little NASCAR prank? I'll tell you who does: Bubba Wallace. The longtime driver got everyone on the internet talking and confused the hell out of 23XI Racing teammate Tyler Reddick when he decided to have a little fun during a press conference ahead of the Cup Series race at Kansas Speedway and snuck some absolutely ridiculous words into his responses.

The 29-year-old driver of the No. 23 Toyota came prepped with a list of off-the-wall phrases to insert Mad Libs-style into his answers. The result? Absurd hilarity.

To kick things off, Wallace was asked about his performance at Kansas Speedway back in September 2022 and what it did for him personally. He made absolutely zero sense with what he had to say.

"Yeah if you just ferment the competition there. Little collywobble out there," Wallace said.

Later on, Wallace threw in "bumfuzzled," called Reddick "Dorothy," gave a bizarre and roundabout shoutout to his Dr. Pepper shoutout, and gave quite the send-off: "just so y'all know, tonight will be the night, just remember that."

While Bubba wasn't able to fit in all the words from his list — namely "toenail" and "catawampus" — several fans took to Twitter to express their confusion and amusement over Wallace's antics. As for Reddick, he had a short-and-sweet reply that pretty much summed up the look on his face throughout the press conference: "Man, you ain't right."

With only two top-five finishes and a number of sub-20th-place finishes in 2023, Bubba hasn't been having the season he probably hoped for. Still, it's nice to see that the driver has been able to kick back a bit and have some fun in between race days, even if it's slightly at the expense of a teammate.

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