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Chevy Camaro Gets Airborne During Drag Race, But Driver Somehow Makes This Ridiculous Save


This has to be one of the most impressive saves to ever occur on the drag strip. Tim Slavens was the driver behind the wheel of this powerful Chevrolet Camaro, but his run didn't exactly go according to plan.

For a second there, you would have mistaken his car for an airplane, but this is something you've got to see to believe.

This drag racing incident went down during testing at Diamond Pistons Lights Out 12 back in February. This particular event is known to showcase some wickedly fast drag cars, but as the cars get faster, the risk factors for the drivers increase along with it. As Slavens took off from the line, his front wheels made their way into the air. Now, he did attempt to bring the front end back down by blipping the throttle, but things got even worse from here.


The front end lowered back down and bounced off the track, but Slavens gets back into the throttle in hopes of saving his run. Unfortunately, the bounce mixed with the insane power that the car was sending to the rear wheels caused enough air to get underneath it and send it sailing. I'm pretty sure a majority of that quarter mile was done in the air. Miraculously, even though the Camaro came back down sideways at speeds over 100 MPH, Slavens still managed to correct it and cross the finish line without any other collision.

How Slavens kept his composure while flying through the air is beyond me, but his ability to still roll away after this is mind-blowing. As if that save weren't enough, reports also showed that Slavens made another pass in the car after straightening out a few parts. These drag racing guys really are a whole different kind of crazy!

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