joey logano 1924 ford model t

Joey Logano's Ford Collection Includes a '24 Model T and a Rare GT

Joey Logano may drive the No. 22 Ford Mustang GT for Team Penske, but his love of Ford isn't just limited to the NASCAR season. That passion burns year round. In the below video, the 2018 NASCAR Cup Series champion gives us an incredible look at his Ford collection, and the standout right off the bat is Logano's 1924 Ford Model T.

"You feel like you're going 140 mph when you're going 30," Logano says of the vintage car.

"With these little wheels, the car wants to roll over. Everything you do is backwards, driving it. The way the pedals work and the throttle and all. Just something about hand-cranking the motor is a little bit of a cool factor."

Off-setting the Model T with more of a modern feel is the 2017 Ford GT Heritage Edition, which is not only rare and decked out with all the bells and whistles, but also, according to Logano, makes drivers feel like they're going 60 MPH when they are actually going around 140 MPH. So, obviously, a lot different than the Model T in more ways than one.

Some other of the awesome Fords in Logano's collection includes a supercharged Fox Body Mustang, a '35 Ford Factory Five pickup that churns out 850 horsepower, a '71 Mustang Mach 1 restomod with a matte black paint job sporting a 5.0L Coyote V8, a custom '61 Econoline van that's been converted into a camper, and a 1930 Ford Model A Rat Rod.

Of course, all NASCAR drivers are big-time car enthusiasts, or else they wouldn't be in NASCAR, but it's especially cool to see Logano's commitment to a singular brand with a little bit of something for everyone, whether it be power, practicality, or just an all-around classic car aesthetic. Simply put, the guy really does love him some Ford.

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