Joey Logano celebrates with his wife Brittany in victory lane after winning 2022 NASCAR Cup Series Championship at Phoenix Raceway
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Joey and Brittany Logano Met at His Family's Ice Rink, and Today They Have a Beautiful Family of 5

Love at first sight may seem like just a Hollywood trope reserved for romantic comedies, but, for Joey Logano and his wife Brittany, it was the real deal. For Brittany and Joey, a two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion, all it took was meeting at his family's ice rink, and the rest was history.

From being the first girl that Joey ever asked out and his first kiss to now his wife and mother of three children, Brittany has been with Joey through thick and thin. It all makes for one heck of a heartwarming NASCAR love story.

Getting to Know Joey Logano's Wife Brittany

Joey Logano and Brittany Baca during the National Anthem prior to the start of the Coke Zero Sugar 400 on August 28, 2021 at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, FL.

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Brittany Baca grew up in Matthews, North Carolina, and attended her first NASCAR race at the age of six. Little did she know that one day she'd end up marrying a NASCAR driver.

While attending David W. Butler High School, Brittany worked at the concession stand for Extreme Ice Center, Logano's family-owned ice rink. Joey was working as the Zamboni driver during this time, while Brittany often skated at the center and later worked at the rink's cafeteria. Eventually, Joey worked up the courage to ask Brittany out. Sharing your first kiss with the person you'd end up marrying? That's like something out of a movie!

After graduating high school in 2010, Brittany attended UNC Charlotte and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in psychology. Before she made it to the end of her college career, Joey asked Brittany to marry him in 2013. Brittany says that the way Joey popped the question was her "dream proposal." Logano took her favorite car, a mint green Ford Thunderbird, wrapped it in lights, and then parked it in the woods for them to eventually stumble upon. Well done, Joey!

The couple got married in Asheville, North Carolina, and Brittany specifically chose December 13, 2014 as the wedding date for two reasons: 1) It was during the NASCAR off-season, and 2) the sequential date made it easier to remember: 12/13/14. We're sure Joey was thankful for that one.

In 2022, the NASCAR community got to know a little bit more about Brittany through the USA Network show Race for the Championship. And, thanks to a little bonus behind-the-scenes bit of info, we now know the hilarious nickname that Joey has for her.

"The contact for my wife has been 'My Hot Ass Wife' for the last seven or eight years we've been married, and that's just what it is," Logano told NBC Sports. "It's funny now because I use Siri to call her and I say, 'Call my hot ass wife' and then my kids in the back say, 'Are you calling mommy?' It's pretty funny."

Balancing Racing and Family Life

Joey Logano celebrates with his wife, Brittany, and son, Hudson, after winning the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Ford EcoBoost 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway on November 18, 2018 in Homestead, Florida

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In January 2018, Joey and Brittany welcomed their first child, son Hudson Joseph Logano. Two years, the couple had a second child, a beautiful baby boy named Jameson Jett. Joey and Brittany's third child, Emilia Love Logano, was born in February 2022. From the gender reveal to pictures from the hospital (where they spent 36 hours), Joey kept fans updated on their baby girl's journey on social media.

As Joey puts it, having three children under the age of five is "chaotic." Despite Joey's constant traveling and busy schedule, the couple somehow makes it work. They seem to have a pretty good system worked out, where Joey has ample time to travel and race on the weekends, but he takes over dad duty when he returns. This gives them both some time to breathe. Well, just a little bit.

On top of everything, Brittany is also the co-founder and vice chairman of the board for the Joey Logano Foundation, which works to provide second chances to young people in crisis. Clearly, Joey and Brittany Logano are the ultimate NASCAR power couple.

Celebrating Joey's Second Championship

joey logano hugs his wife brittany after winning the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series Championship at Phoenix Raceway

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On November 6, 2022, Joey Logano won his second NASCAR Cup Series championship at Phoenix Raceway. While the celebrations were still underway, Brittany reflected on the important impact of Joey's win on their entire family.

"When your spouse or the person that you're the closest to has their dreams come true I think that's even more special than when your own dreams come true," Brittany Logano said. "We do this as a family. Because it takes all of us, the whole team, us. It takes everybody. It's a team effort to make these dreams come true, for all these guys. That's super freaking cool."

It definitely seems like motorsports is starting to become a family affair for the Loganos, as four-year-old Hudson is already starting to show an interest. After winning the championship, Joey took Hudson along for a couple celebratory donuts in his No. 22 Team Penske Ford. According to Joey, Hudson's love for auto racing and cars is appreciated on a nightly basis.

"Every night before he goes to bed, he wants to talk about race cars, and he wants to talk about his go-kart in the backyard," Logano told NBC Sports. "We have a connection. We read car magazines. That's his bedtime story. He wants to go through classic car magazines."

As Brittany, she couldn't be happier to raise a family of racers.

"We want him to do whatever he wants to do," Brittany said. "And, it's kinda leaning toward that way. Even [Jameson], he's riding on the tractor, every day. I'm like, 'Alright, that's what it is.' It's just in the blood. That's alright, I'm here for it."

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