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Joey Logano's Hot Dog Costume From a Few Halloweens Back Still Haunts Him to This Day

Learn from poor Joey here.

Pretty much everyone has an embarrassing Halloween costume story. Yes, that includes me. No, I'm not telling it. It ain't happening. I'm not going to, so quit asking.

Anyway, the thing with most embarrassing costume stories is that they typically happen during childhood or early adolescence. For Joey Logano, it happened when he was a grown adult racing in the NASCAR Cup Series. Needless to say, he probably hasn't looked at a hot dog that same ever since.

Props for the post-production team for really hamming up Joey's story in the below video from back in 2017. Cue the scary music and eerie sound effects. Oh, and you can't have a "scary story" with the ol' disembodied flashlight.

So, as Joey's story goes, one Halloween past, the unsuspecting driver for Team Penske came home to some horrifying news from his wife Brittany: the couple would be hitting the town for Halloween dressed as a hot dog and bun. The humanity!

But, the horror doesn't stop there! Because they got a bit of a jump on things, as they were out to dinner in Charlotte, North Carolina around the same time as everyone was getting off from work. So, you can pretty much picture the scene. There the soon-to-be NASCAR Cup Series champ was, smack dab in the middle of a sea of business people in various shades of gray suits and ties... dressed as a hot dog. Yeah, so maybe this image is a little more horrifying than we initially pictured. You definitely have to feel for Joey here.

At the same time, we can all learn something from Logano, because he took it all in stride. He said it was a little embarrassing, but it was okay, because that's just who he and his wife are: a hot dog and his bun. Also, don't call it downtown, it's "UPtown." People from Charlotte can get weird about that.

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