Simply put, Top Fuel driver Leah Pruett is a badass. Competing in the Mopar Express Lane NHRA Midwest Nationals on October 4th, the 32-year-old racer walked away from an absolutely insane crash. A crash where her Top Fuel dragster’s body broke apart at 260 MPH.

We’re talking this thing split directly in two at over three times more than your typical highway speed limit, and not only did Pruett climb out of the wrecked race car under her own power and give a thumbs up to the St. Louis crowd, but the driver for Don Schumacher Racing also stood by for an on-camera interview soon afterwards.

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?The was the most intense round of competition I?ve ever had and the wildest ride I?ve ever had, that?s for sure,? Pruett said following the crash, according to Dragzine.

?We?re still taking time to process and look at the parts and put a plan together for how to move forward. For me, my body is fine. My mind is fine. The DSR chassis and Impact safety equipment did everything it was supposed to. As a drag racer this is what we do. There?s a risk. I think the quicker you can get back on the track, the better. Let?s not ever do that again. I thank the lord, my team, the chassis shop, Don (Schumacher), and everybody that helped. Not a great start to October and that was an early Halloween surprise. That?s for sure.?

Having made her NHRA Top Fuel debut in 2013, Pruett has 11 total event wins under her belt (eight in Top Fuel and three in Pro Mod), on top of a career best elapsed time of 3.631 seconds and a best speed of 334.15 MPH. She also won the 2010 Nostalgia Funny Car title in the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series.


As you can tell from her resiliency following her terrifying crash in St. Louis, it’s safe to say Leah Pruett will likely rack up at least a few more wins before her motorsports career is over.

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