brad keselowski participates in 2010 basketball skills challenge
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March Badness: Brad Keselowski Struggles His Way Through Basketball Skills Challenge in Hilarious Video

The racetrack is best.

Brad Keselowski has no doubt earned his stripes as a skilled driver in NASCAR's highest level. His NASCAR Cup Series accolades speak for themselves: the driver for RFK Racing has 35 wins, 235 top-10 finishes, and a 2012 Cup title. But, while he has proved his worth behind the wheel of a stock car, Keselowski has certainly shown himself to be lacking in other athletic disciplines. Let's turn back the clock a little bit and see why he it's a good idea that he's decided to stick with auto racing.

Back in 2010, the then 25-year-old Team Penske driver attended a Charlotte NBA game (back when they were the Bobcats) and participated in a basketball skills challenge for charity. Let's just say that, well, the man can not hoop.

Now, given that this was a skills challenge, let's quickly break down how Keselowski performed on the fundamentals front.

Layups? He made a couple, but missed many more. Free throws? He makes Shaquille O'Neal look like a phenom from behind the line. Dribbling? I mean, it looks like he was wearing roller skates out there. Sure, it's not easy hard to run up and down the court in dress shoes and jeans, but wow, he made that look tougher than rocket science. Unfortunately, Keselowski has never been able to live his embarrassing hoops moment down. Six years later on The Dan Patrick Show, Denny Hamlin was asked to name NASCAR's least athletic driver. He didn't hesitate.

"Brad Keselowski."

"Why, please go on YouTube," Hamlin said. "Please go on YouTube and find Brad Keselowski dribbling a basketball at a Hornets game. The whole argument of NASCAR guys and drivers. he just ruined it for all of us."

During the interview, Hamlin was also asked to weigh in on the whole debate about whether or not NASCAR drivers should be considered athletes.

"Gosh, it's close," Hamlin said. "But here's the thing, here's what I always argue about this athlete thing. We all know that defensive linemen or offensive linemen, those guy are athletes. Just because they're big and fat doesn't mean they aren't athletes. There's a different in having athletic ability and having athletic build in my opinion."

Now, Brad Keselowski isn't a big guy by any means, so Denny's argument doesn't apply to him in that sense. Hey, some people are just coordinated in other ways, I guess. Now, excuse me while I watch that video five more times to feel better about myself.

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