BRISTOL, TENNESSEE - SEPTEMBER 16: Joey Logano, driver of the #22 Shell Pennzoil Ford, reacts to exiting the race after an on-track incident during the NASCAR Cup Series Bass Pro Shops Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway on September 16, 2023 in Bristol, Tennessee.
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Joey Logano Says NASCAR Should Change Rules Every Season

Some drivers in NASCAR have bigger voices than others, and one such driver whose opinion should carry some weight is former Cup Series champion Joey Logano.

Logano is a two-time series champion who has a weekly segment on Sirius XM NASCAR Radio. This week, he shared his thoughts on what NASCAR should do to make the sport more interesting.

Logano has been on the good side and bad side of rules in NASCAR—he's won the championship twice but he has also been criticized by other drivers for his aggressiveness. Logano has seemingly cooled his driving style down a bit and he has previously talked about how he is no longer the most aggressive driver in the Cup Series.

Logano's biggest point of concern is that the sport needs to do something different to improve the racing. The Cup Series has been far more competitive, which he isn't against, but he believes that with all of the cars being the same, the racing at many of the tracks isn't as exciting or as good as it could be.

"So alright, it's a spec car, so everyone has the same stuff so they are going to be close," Logano said. "So what you do to change it up some, I think change the rules. ... change the rules, change the downforce levels, take a bunch of downforce off it, you get rid of the diffuser, oh boy were starting all-over. Everybody would be starting all over, that would be huge. That would be a massive change as far as car setups, the field would be more spread out as far as speed, and that creates better racing. Everyone thinks the closer the cars are the better the racing is, ah I don't know if there's a happy medium in there somewhere. You don't want the fastest, you don't want it to look like F1, where there's one car significantly faster than the rest of them and you have the same winner every week. I think if, ya know, change the rules up every couple of years, something big. ... big rule changes that could create some separation in the field ultimately creates better passing and racing, I think."

Logano certainly is in favor of a yearly change in the rules, and many other drivers are of similar thinking. NASCAR is not F1, nor should it be. One driver dominating and winning every race every week would not be good for the sport.

No offense to F1 fans, but the point of racing is to actually see which drivers and cars are the best. No winner should be able to win without facing some form of pressure from the other drivers or teams. Otherwise, why are they racing?

NASCAR likely won't ever change the rules every year because sometimes the changes drivers and teams want never actually work but Logano is right for pushing the conversation.

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