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Popular TV Host Cristy Lee Got Her Love of Cars From Her Mechanic Dad

Cristy Lee should be a familiar face to you, considering she's been involved with a huge range of TV shows and automotive projects. The former co-host of All Girls Garage and host of Motor Trend's Garage Squad, Lee currently hosts Celebrity IOU: Joyride. She has also done extensive work with Barrett-Jackson, and has worked on a number of other projects.

The popular television host has pretty much got it all: beauty, brains, and an insane work ethic. Taking a look at her career, which we'll do below, is only proof of this. She's shown that she's an extremely positive role model for all women out there, so I think it's time she gets a little credit for all that she's done. Let's learn a little bit more about the automotive show host and social media celeb.

Cristy Lee Loves Motorsports, Motorcycling, and Modeling

The only thing that Cristy loves more than cars is motorcycles. She was engrained in the culture at the young age of three, when her father used to take her on rides on his dirt bike. Born and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida, Cristy grew up eyeballing the different sports cars at her father's mechanic shop. However, it was after she graduated college and moved away from Florida that she started to really started to find her motorsports passions and grow her career.

Lee made the big move to Detroit, where she landed a job as a dancer for the Detroit Pistons dance team Automotion. She held a few dancing positions before transitioning into narrating for Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep.

Shortly after this stint, she moved more into reporting and worked on-air as a DJ and traffic reporter for 101.1 WRIF FM Radio, and also did some work for the Detroit Red Wings on game days. When she finally decided to make another move to Michigan, she switched gears and began to put more focus into her motorcycle passion.

After the move, she was commonly found in her garage wrenching on her bikes, and spent a significant amount of time out on the race tracks. She began working for AMA Pro Racing and made a variety of online content that covered the American Motorcycle Road Racing series. With all the experience she gained in front of the camera, this essentially kickstarted her television show career. Over the years, she's attended just about every auto show in North America, and she's been featured on countless automotive programs.

Some of her include reporting for NBC Sports and ESPN, as well as landing gigs covering X-Games, Grand Prix, Motoamerica, Monster Jam, and Off-Road Truck Racing. To simplify Cristy's resume, she's pretty much been involved with everything.

Believe it or not, Cristy has a side job in real estate when she's not busy being an avid motorcyclist and car enthusiast. She started back in the early 2000s, but took a break during the mess in 2008. Today, she still dabbles in it. On top of that, she fits in time for modeling as well. I can assure you, even in 2022, she's still just as driven as ever.

If you want to follow what Cristy Lee is up to, from her professional to her personal life, you can check out her Instagram page @Cristylee09, or go straight to her website I love seeing high-spirited women like this follow their passions and find success. Keep an eye on the TV, because you never know what program she'll show up on next.

This post was originally published on November 18, 2020.

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