World Cup Sad Fans
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The 7 Saddest Fans from the World Cup 2018 So Far

Disappointment. Dejection. Despair. Heartbreak. The 2018 FIFA World Cup has been nothing short of spectacular as we enter the Round of 16. For some fans, the last few weeks brought joy and elation, as country's like Russia, Uruguay, Croatia, and Brazil will move on to the quarterfinals. For others, the journey to Russia has not been the lifelong thrill they envisioned.

Soccer is nicknamed 'The Beautiful Game' for its grace, fluidity, and ability to rally millions for a 90-minute stretch of non-stop action. At the FIFA World Cup, the cameras are always rolling, and unfortunately for these fans, the world was watching at their lowest moments.

Cue up your favorite sad song playlist; Here are some really sad fans of the FIFA World Cup:

Mexico's World Cup 2018 lasted through the group stage to the knockout round, but a 0-3 loss to Sweden didn't sit well:

After Mexico's 0-2 loss to Neymar and Brazil, this guy was caught in all his saddened, beer-soaked glory:

Germany was a heavy favorite to win the FIFA World Cup. Take this fan's reaction as a hint, but they didn't make it out of the group stage:

Sad fans aren't reserved for the older crowd. These young Portugal fans took their team's round of 16 loss to Uruguay hard:

As for Denmark? They didn't make it either:

Iran's World Cup dreams were short-lived. Lesson: Don't paint your face if you're a crier:

Finally, no gallery of crying faces is complete without at least one ode to the great 'Crying Jordan."

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