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Trinity Rodman, Daughter of NBA Legend, Blazing Her Own Path at World Cup

Trinity Rodman will be a familiar name at the FIFA Women's World Cup. That's because her dad is an infamous NBA legend.

Fans watching the FIFA Women's World Cup may recognize a familiar last name on the U.S. Women's National Team. When the U.S. takes on Vietnam Friday night, they can expect to see forward Trinity Rodman.

Recognize that last name? You should. She's the daughter of NBA legend and infamous bad boy Dennis Rodman.

While "The Worm" made a career out of rebounding and rehab, his 21-year-old daughter is blazing her own path by representing her country on soccer's biggest stage.

Trinity Rodman's Ascension to Soccer Stardom

Trinity Rodman dribbles the ball.

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Everyone knows about the NFL Draft, but what do you know about the NWSL Draft?

In February 2021, the National Women's Soccer League held its eighth draft since 2012. The Washington (D.C.) Spirit selected a young forward out of Washington State with the second-overall pick.

In doing so, they drafted the youngest player ever into American women's pro soccer. She was 18 when she was drafted, and right there to celebrate was her mother, Michelle Moyer.

Trinity was born in 2002 to Moyer, who was Trinity's primary parental influence. Moyer claims she knew Trinity would be a soccer phenom because of how seriously Trinity took the beautiful game from a young age.

Trinity confirmed she has always been competitive in an interview with ESPN FCShe can thank her father for that.

"I think the hardest thing is just to always be compared and to be expected to be this legend like he was," she told ESPN. "Moving forward, it's going to be nice not to separate ourselves, but be able to distinguish that yes, he was a successful NBA player, but I am going to be a successful NWSL player."

Her competitive spirit led Trinity to Washington State University. Rodman wanted to go pro straight out of high school, which NWSL rules prohibited. Rodman enrolled at Wazoo with her brother DJ in 2020 before the pandemic.

When coronavirus canceled everything, Rodman's college career was included. Without ever playing a single game in the NCAA, Rodman fulfilled the requirement of attending college before going pro.

Rodman sports undeniably competitive genes. Dennis "Rodzilla" Rodman may not have always been around for Trinity, but athleticism swims laps in her gene pool.

Trinity won't deny her lineage. But skill like Trinity's doesn't come solely from talent. It comes from hard work, practice, and having someone to drive you to and from soccer practice three times a week.

That's what Moyer did for her daughter. And that's why Trinity scored her first professional goal during her National Women's Soccer League debut against the reigning NWSL champions: the North Carolina Courage.

It only took the young soccer player one hour of professional competition to find the back of the net.

Rodman may have won the battle, but the Courage won the war, game, and Challenge Cup, 3-2. Rodman's courage kept spirits high in Washington despite the loss. She became the youngest player to score in NWSL history.

Last season, she scored four goals in 18 matches and was nominated for the Ballon D'Or Féminin, recognizing the best players in women's soccer around the world.

Record-breaking athleticism runs in the Rodman family. Trinity's brother, DJ Rodman, is a Division I basketball star and Dennis's other child with Michelle.

Her Brother is a College Basketball Player

DJ Rodman stands on the court for WSU.

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Growing up, Trinity spent ample time with her brother, best friend, and fellow WSU student-athlete DJ Rodman.

DJ played forward for the Washington State University men's basketball team. He transferred to the USC Trojans, where he's teaming up with Bronny James for the 2024 season. According to Dennis Rodman himself, Dennis the Menace Jr is the best basketball player in the family. DJ's super close sister Trinity agrees.

So far, I've lightly glossed over the fact that Dennis Rodman is Trinity's father. You may find yourself asking the question, "Are you talking about that Dennis Rodman?" Allow me to answer.

Yes, That Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman at the 2022 NBA All-Star Game.

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Yes. If it hasn't been made abundantly clear, we are talking about that Dennis Rodman.

NBA phenomProfessional wrestlerPlaymate playboyNorth Korean ambassador. A man I both feared and respected so much as a child that I'm still apprehensive to trash him today. The man is a role model for the talented and the damned, but his daughter Trinity only inherited his talent.

Just like how her basketball player father won NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls, Trinity Rodman seems destined for World Cup glory. Her youth, talent, and resources all put her on a path for gold.

As if USWNT fans didn't already have enough to celebrate, now we have another Rodman in our lives.

Trinity's Role in 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup

Trinity Rodman flexes for a photo.

Photo by Hannah Peters - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

Now, many of you might be wondering just how good Trinity Rodman is. Is she good enough to actually play for the USWNT? Yes.

Former USWNT coach Jill Ellis talked with Christen Press and Tobin Heath about who she would start on this roster. She spoke very highly of Trinity.

"I would probably play — obviously Alex central, I'd play Soph, and I'd play Trinity," Ellis said. "I think Trinity is a player that's evolving. I think she's got an incredible passing game that we don't see that much. She can pick out and thread balls... That's the three I would go with."

It appears Trinity Rodman has natural abilities that were possibly handed down by her gifted father. When the U.S. women take the field against Vietnam Friday night, expect her to play a large part in the team's success. All that's left is to give her a cool nickname like her father had.

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