John Belushi’s Olympics commercial on “SNL” deserves all the gold medals Facebook Screenshot

Last week, in lieu of the Rio Olympics, “Saturday Night Live” resurfaced this Olympics commercial that the late John Belushi did for the show back in the late ’70s.

The fake Wheaties-esque ad for “Little Chocolate Donuts” showcases Belushi at his best, as the out-of-shape comedian is shown dominating Olympic event after Olympic event before he addresses the camera while smoking a cigarette in front of a bowl of donuts.

“I logged a lot of miles training for that day, and I downed a lot of donuts,” Belushi says. “Little Chocolate Donuts: They taste good, and they’ve got the sugar I need to get me going in the morning. That’s why Little Chocolate Donuts have been on my training table since I was a kid.”

It’s hilarious bits like this that made Belushi one of the greatest stars of “SNL” history.

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