Baby Race
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WATCH: The Greatest Baby Race Ever was Dramatic, Exciting and Loaded with Controversy


Basketball games are fun, but the halftime entertainment is unrivaled by any other sport. You might see the famous Red Panda flick bowls onto her head, or you could see a Leprechaun sink a full-court putt as the arena erupts. There are half-court shots for money, dance routines and wedding proposals every year, but nothing -- I repeat, nothing -- will beat baby races.

The baby race is pretty straight-forward: a bunch of babies start on one side of the court while their parent waits at the other end. The objective? The fastest crawling baby wins the game and secures their superiority and bragging rights at daycare for life. During the 2019 ACC Tournament's first round, fans were treated to the most electric and controversial baby race we've ever seen.

The 14-seed Pittsburgh Panthers defeated the 11-seed Boston College Eagles, but that final outcome is pretty much irrelevant. Fans at the Spectrum Center should have been charged double the admission for the halftime spectacle they received.

Six babies started the race, but only two shined the brightest.


Baby No. 3 got off to a roaring start and appeared to be the favorite, then backtracked to the starting line like he's some kind of rookie...

Then, Baby No. 5 jets out to the lead. Curiously, Baby No. 1 sits down near the starting line to conserve energy. It's a bold strategy, and it almost cost him the championship. Baby No. 5 was within a few feet of a runaway win to secure his place in baby racing folklore.

Out of nowhere, Baby No. 1 makes a greater comeback than 1993 Buffalo Bills and wins the title in dramatic, incredible fashion! However, his victory wasn't without some controversy.

Bookies, sportsbooks and gamblers cried foul after losing big at the ACC Tournament. How can a 25-foot lead suddenly evaporate? Baby No. 1 was sitting on his diaper, then comes from no where to win? Is it possible that Baby No. 5 actually threw this race?


In the high-profile sport of baby racing, the opportunity for corruption is running rampant as these "athletes" continue to push the excitement level with photo-finishes every year.

Baby racing isn't an official sport yet, but if these diaper-filling speedsters keep delivering incredible, can't-miss showdowns like this, the Olympics might come calling for the brightest baby talents in the world sooner than you think.

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