March Madness

Lazy Millennials Cost Businesses BILLIONS Because of March Madness

Every March, like clockwork, the NCAA Tournament arrives. It comes and goes rather quickly, but it doesn't sneak up on anyone. There's no doubt March Madness rules the sports world for a few weeks, but it also ruins some businesses because we are all so obsessed.

When you interview for and accept a job, you understand there are requirements to meet. That's a given, right? Well, that doesn't exactly matter to many of today's millennials with corporate jobs.

According to WalletHub, which broke down the Big Dance craze, 56 percent of millennials are willing to miss a work deadline to watch a March Madness game.

Think about that. Over half of today's young workers are down to skip out on doing something important to watch a basketball game at the end of March. It's insane.

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The result of that is something fierce. WalletHub reports there are $4 billion worth of corporate losses due to unproductive workers during the NCAA Tournament. That's billion. With a B.

Additionally, the average worker spends six hours watching March Madness.

Now, it's unfair to place the blame on just millennials. After all, there are some grown men who pick March Madness just to get a vasectomy, which is brilliant and also part of the problem. But how lazy do you have to be to willingly miss a work deadline just because you are trying to get your men's college basketball fix in?

Not all of us can be sports writers, where you can literally sit on a couch and watch while working. Nor can a boss really complain if someone wants to use a vacation day to have some March Madness fun. It's just crazy to see how the money shifts from business to pleasure, and how many people are willing to put it a lot on the line from the opening rounds in Dayton, Ohio until the Final Four.

Take sports betting, for example. WalletHub reports $10 billion was wagered on the 2018 NCAA Tournament alone from Las Vegas to office pools.

March Madness is supposed to fun, and there is no way that should stop, but perhaps some lazy millennials should get their act together and learn to work hard before playing harder during the famous NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

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