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NCAA Tournament 2023: The Best Printable March Madness Brackets

March Madness has officially arrived, and it's time to fill out your brackets. While there are plenty of ways to do that online, nothing beats a printable bracket you can fill out at home or at the office, or carry with you as you binge-watch these NCAA Tournament games over the next few weeks. 

This past Sunday was Selection Sunday, where the 68 teams were announced. The first four play-in games start March 14, and the final 64 teams will be solidified heading into March 16. 

Among these 64 teams, you'll have an opportunity to predict the biggest upsets and use your printable bracket as proof of your Nostradamus-ness. Good luck filling out a perfect bracket, because it's more likely that an entire family of four all get struck by lightning at some point in their lives than someone correctly predicting all 67 games.

So, where can you print out NCAA Tournament and March Madness brackets?

There are plenty of options, so let's check them out. 

2023 Official NCAA Printable March Madness Bracket

The 2023 March Madness bracket.

Click here for a PDF version: 2023 March Madness Printable Bracket

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The Official NCAA bracket has an excellent aesthetic and an incredibly legible font. It shows all the play-in games at the top and provides enough space to write things in without getting sloppy. 

ESPN Bracket

The ol' reliable ESPN bracket is one we cannot overlook. It's a bit lackluster compared to the graphically evolved Official NCAA Bracket, but it gets the job done. Alternatively, you can make your picks online and print them out. 

Sports Illustrated Bracket

The Sports Illustrated bracket is reminiscent of the ESPN bracket, with the SI logo in the middle and bold typeface throughout. You can support one of the longest-running sports magazines by printing out its bracket. 

Sporting News Bracket

OK, here we go. Some color. Some graphics. Some spice. 

The Sporting News bracket highlights the championship game fields on the bracket and has a Final Four logo in the middle, toward the top. 

FanDuel Bracket

Yeah, this FanDuel bracket is great looking. The font style and size are larger than others while being legible. The blue, green and white color scheme is a FanDuel classic, and there's a spot to put in the final score, too. 

CBS Bracket 

The CBS bracket has varying colors throughout.

  • The teams in the tournament are listed a standard black with a smaller font.
  • The name of each region is in blue.
  • The championship game is highlighted in gray.
  • The banner at the top of the bracket has a CBS logo, an NCAA logo and a link to the website. 

Other Brackets To Consider

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