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Florida State Football's Locker Room Unveiling Made the Players Go Bananas

State of the art college football facilities cost an arm and a leg, but seeing players react after a surprise unveiling of a new locker room? Priceless.

Florida State athletic director Michael Alford gave the football team a warm welcome back from spring break by surprising them with a brand spanking new locker room.

Of course, we'll step inside Doak Campbell Stadium's latest upgrade, but the real highlight is how the players reacted.

Florida State Football's New Locker Room

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Several players shared the unveiling on social media, but we'll start the tour with the official video from the FSU Football twitter account. The clip starts with head coach Mike Norvell unlocking the frosted doors and shepherding his team into the locker room.

So long to the old black locker room with brown lockers. The new iteration swung in the complete opposite direction by going with pure, ice white. Frost painted walls, Ice lockers with a faded Florida State Seminoles logo and ice nameplates that feature each player's portrait and jersey number. Don't think the Seminoles forgot to pay homage to their rich history, either. Bright commemorations of the program's most legendary players line the space, too. Much more lively than the old locker room.

The new football locker room is great and all, but the meat of the unveiling was the players' reactions. They were ecstatic.

Linebacker Stephen Dix Jr. reacted like a kid getting a new PlayStation on Christmas morning.

Offensive lineman Dillan Gibbons posted a close-up look of a smiling Norvell while the Seminole fight song played in the background. Each player was more excited than the next.

Wide receiver Ja'Khi Douglas went live on Instagram to show the new trophy room. Douglas speaks for all FSU fans when he says the team needs to add to the collection and make the room bigger.


Florida State football players will have some extra juice as the second half of spring practice ramps up. However, Norvell may have the added duty of forcing his players out of the locker room. I know I wouldn't want to leave if I were them.

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