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Deion Sanders Picked Off Brett Favre & Showed Him Who "Prime Time" Is

It was one of those early season college football games.

A small Division I school marches into a big time program's home stadium to take a beating and collect a check. In 1988, the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles football team traveled to Tallahassee to take on the Florida State Seminoles.

The matchup might not look intriguing on paper, but individually it featured some of the most talented players at their respective positions.

For Southern Miss, Brett Favre lined up under center. For FSU, Deion Sanders locked down receivers and dazzled on punt returns.

In this particular pairing of gridiron legends, it was Sanders who came out on top.

Deion Sanders' Pick-6 Against Brett Favre

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Southern Miss receives the ball to start the game. Brett Favre trots out, hoping to rebound after completing 5 of 31 passes in 1987.

Those hopes were decimated instantly.

Favre drops back, rolls against his body to his left and slings the ball down field.

In classic Favre fashion that Green Bay Packer fans can certainly relate to, the ball is flying at about a million miles per hour and nowhere near his receiver.

Cornerback Deion Sanders, perhaps the intended target given how squarely the ball found him, leaps up to make the interception.

And he's not done.

Known for his playmaking skills in the open field on special teams, Sanders finds a hole near the sideline and takes it all the way to the house.

Twenty seconds into the game, the Seminoles were already up a touchdown. FSU head coach Bobby Bowden was thrilled.

Shockingly, Favre didn't get much better as the game went on. Although, he did improve from the previous year's performance by completing 13 of 36 pass attempts.

Florida State dominated in a 49-13 rout.

The Doak-Campbell Stadium crowd was barely settled into their seats before Prime Time struck. The All-American defensive back could break out at any point, and that's what made him awesome to watch.

The Hall of Famers later teamed up in the NFL for one season on the Atlanta Falcons. Prime Time nicknamed Favre "Country Time." How these two didn't get a buddy cop comedy is a question I'm still waiting to get answered.

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