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Lineman Stiff Arms His Own Teammate to Set a Block on TD

It's a magical moment whenever a lineman gets a chance to carry the ball. It's like watching a puppy receive its first treat. Excitement courses through their veins and they don't know what to do with themselves.

Georgia Tech defensive lineman Jordan Domineck is the exception. He looked like a natural with the ball in his hands, and has a stiff arm any running back would be jealous of.

Jordan Domineck's Scoop & Score vs. Kennesaw State

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Kennesaw State traveled to the great city of Atlanta, Georgia, for an early afternoon college football matchup. Georgia Tech held a 7-0 lead late in the first quarter, and the Owls were in Yellow Jacket territory.

On first-and-10, Kennesaw State quarterback Xavier Shepherd takes the snap for a good ole fashioned option. Domineck blows up the play instantly, forcing Shepherd to pitch. Using all of his 6-foot-3, 235-pound frame, Domineck masterfully deflects the lateral.

It was a one-man alley-oop. Domineck rushed over to the ball, scooped up the fumble in one motion and it was off to the races. Shepherd doesn't give up on the play. He chases Domineck in what would be his demise. The ACC defensive lineman shoves him out of the way like he's annoying fly.

Domineck speeds down the sideline with two teammates by his side. But wait, there's another Kennesaw State player in pursuit. He's on track to make a play. Domineck, with the presence of mind of an NFL running back, stiff arms his teammate into the pursuer like a bowling bowl. He side steps into the end zone for six.

The Yellow Jackets went on to win decisively by a score of 45-17. Domineck's 70-yard scoop and score made all the highlight reels.

If I'm Georgia Tech head coach Geoff Collins, I'm thinking real hard about lining up Domineck in the backfield. The poise, the essence, the grace, the stiff arm from hell, this guy has it.

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