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The Football Fight So Ugly, Every Player Received a Penalty

Leading 17-0 with the ball, driving, and looking to put the game already out of reach early in the third quarter, everything seemed to be all good for the Iowa State Cyclones at Jack Trice Stadium. Then, in the blink of an eye, it turned into utter chaos with the Baylor Bears.

On 1st-and-15, Iowa State running back David Montgomery took a handoff and ran to the left for a short gain. It looked to be just a normal play until players from both Big 12 teams started running from over 20 yards away to help the officials break up a fight.

It got even uglier after that, too.

Baylor vs. Iowa State Fight

The entire brawl was originally instigated a few plays earlier, when Baylor was flagged for a late hit out of bounds on Montgomery on the ISU sideline. It turned into mayhem about a minute later.

A long ways away from the play, Iowa State's Hakeem Butler got tangled up with Baylor's Blake Lynch. Butler appeared to put his knee up around Lynch's helmet, which caused players from both teams to break it up.

After the play separated some, or the best the referees could do at that moment, tempers flared between Bears defensive end Greg Roberts and Montgomery.

With a referee trying to separate the two, Roberts reaches around and hits Montgomery in the helmet with an open fist, and Montgomery charged to retaliate.

Extra security even had to come onto the field to break it all up.

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After the brawl was separated completely, Montgomery and Roberts were both ejected and every single player was issued an unsportsmanlike penalty. That's right. Every single player got a penalty.

So when Baylor quarterback Charlie Brewer disagreed with a call, or lack thereof, in the fourth quarter and received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, he was ejected from the game, too.

Neither Baylor coach Matt Rhule or Iowa State coach Matt Campbell were happy about this. It even cost the Cyclones the chance to have Montgomery for the first half of the following Saturday's game against Texas.

Just look how the two coaches shook hands following the college football game in Ames, which the Cyclones won, 28-14:

This was ugly and even more uncalled for. It's a bad look for everyone involved.

This article was originally published November 12, 2018, but is there ever a bad time to relive heated football fights?

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