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Oklahoma's "Pick of the Century" Was Almost Challenged By Lincoln Riley

I was watching the Oklahoma and Nebraska game with my dad. Somehow, Nebraska was still in it late in the fourth quarter against the No. 3 ranked Sooners.

Down 23-9, Nebraska quarterback Adrian Martinez scrambles to his right on a must-convert fourth-and-18. He lofts up a pass in the direction of wide receivers Levi Falck and Samori Toure.

OU cornerback D.J. Graham leaps and reels in the pass with one hand. I double take and turn to my dad.

"Was that the greatest interception you've ever seen?"

D.J. Graham's Interception vs. Nebraska

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I wasn't even mad about the interception. I was happy to be a part of it. The feeling of being in a game against a ranked opponent in the fourth quarter has been lost upon me.

Martinez did about all he could do to give his receivers a chance. Graham made a play straight out of a video game. And by video game, I mean with the sliders all the way up on rookie mode.

I can't stop watching it. He outstretches himself like the Jordan logo on his uniform to make the grab. Defensive backs are known to play defense because they allegedly can't catch. Graham proved he can make plays receivers only dream of.

Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley had mixed feelings about it. It was fourth down, so the Sooners would've got the ball at their own 24-yard line instead of the 3-yard line had Graham just batted it down.

"I think I might have been the first coach in the history of college football to challenge a play that we got an interception on," Riley said. "I literally walked over to the official and I might have challenged it, but he said they had 100% confirmed it up there. Yeah, I was hoping it would have gone down. But what a play. Just a phenomenal play."

Things worked out. The Sooners held on to win 23-16, and the play made waves around social media.

Let this be a lesson that D.J. Graham has the catch radius of Calvin Johnson. It's by far the best interception I've ever seen in real time.

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