Fat Guy TDs Trailer
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Football's Most Exciting Play Now Has an "Official" 30 for 30 Trailer


It hasn't been a good week for Ohio State Buckeyes football. Urban Meyer was placed on paid administrative leave following the release that he allegedly knew of domestic violence by a former assistant.

Not all hope is lost in Columbus with the Buckeyes are still highly ranked in the first coaches poll, though. Players are keeping the mood light ahead of training camp, and Buckeyes lineman BB Landers gave us hope for the best "30 for 30" movie of all time.

Robert "BB" Landers, a junior defensive tackle, has played in 26 games as a member of the Buckeyes. The former three-star prospect has risen above teammates that were more highly touted than he was coming out of high school at Huber Heights in Dayton, Ohio to become one of Ohio State's best run stuffers -- he led all Ohio State players in tackle for a loss per play last season.

Landers' most memorable moment, though, came in 2017 against the Indiana Hoosiers.


In the middle of the third quarter, Landers scooped up a ball that he thought was a fumble, and proceeded to send the entire field on an epic chase downfield.

The play didn't count, but that didn't stop Landers from having some fun and turning it into a hilarious "30 for 30" trailer.

There's no official word if ESPN will be picking up Landers' trailer for a feature length film, but who doesn't love a fat guy touchdown?

"Oh man, I was heartbroken. That's every fat boy's dream," Landers said about the play. "But yeah, it is in my book, it still counts. So I'm not paying attention to them calling it back. I would say it's a moment I'll never forget whether they count it or not."


The hilarious moment proves that football, despite all the negative press the game is getting recently, that it's still a game, and everyone had a laugh out of the moment.

"You know, I'm jogging, I'm laughing the whole way there," defensive end Tyquan Lewis said after the game. "I'm laughing at everybody. I don't think nobody thought anything like that would happen, so we all laughing on the field. I even look at the Indiana players and they are laughing. I'm like, 'Dang, it's really funny.' It's probably the funniest thing I've ever seen on the football field."

Treat yourself today with another heaping helping of big guy moments because, big or small, everyone deserves a chance to shine.


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