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Bikini Girl's 40-Yard Football Throw Goes Viral

I can't wait for the day a college football team boasts a woman as its quarterback. Think about how awesome it would be to watch a girl with a ponytail throwing touchdowns for Nick Saban's Alabama Crimson Tide and then talking crap to the Auburn defenders she just torched.

We know girls are tackling the boys on the gridiron. They're throwing footballs 40 yards in a parking lot like this badass softball player. They're firing the pigskin 50 yards at a tailgate and earning marriage proposals. Eventually, one NCAA team is going to have a female passer. Mark my words.

Until then, we'll have to settle on viral clips of women heaving footballs across the backyard like Caitlyn Waitt.

Bikini Girl's Viral Football Throw

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Meet Caitlyn Waitt. She's a junior finance major at Kent State University in Ohio.

The Internet cannot get enough of her because she practically has a cannon surgically attached to her right shoulder. That's right, this chick can let it fly.

A video of her in a bikini (eyes on the football, everyone) hurling a football across a backyard took social media by storm. I mean, that must be a good 40 yards, right? The Dallas Cowboys should give this girl a call considering their quarterback woes this season.

House of Highlights posted the video (along with another video of her) on Instagram. It's racked up almost 600,000 likes and likely millions of views.

The amazing thing here is Waitt doesn't even appear to be an athlete. Her Instagram profile is filled with pictures of her, well, living her best college girl life as a Kent State student.

That arm tells me she should consider suiting up and playing football for real. Not many guys can throw like that.

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