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Punt of the Year? HBCU Player's 74-Yard Bomb Faked Out Defenders

It's been a great year for punters. Colorado State's Ryan Stonehouse averaged over 50 yards per punt. Arizona's Kyle Ostendorp wasn't too far behind him. San Diego State's Matt Araiza had a remarkable season that will go down as one of the best in college football history.

The South Carolina State Bulldogs have something of a star punter themselves. Dyson Roberts has been all over the field the entire year. From rocking punts to making tackles to pumping up his teammates on the sideline, Roberts is a football player through and through.

He crowned his spectacular freshman season with a fake of a fake that resulted in a 74-yard moonshot.

Dyson Roberts' 74-Yard Punt vs. Jackson State

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It was late in the second quarter of the Cricket Celebration Bowl and the Jackson State Tigers were up 7-0. SC State stalled on their own 26-yard line and Roberts came in to punt away.

Roberts took the snap and looked like he was going to run for the first down. He accelerated forward, and as he was about to reach the line of scrimmage, he gets the kick off as a Jackson State player attempts to bring him down.

The ball keeps going, and going and going. It landed inside Jackson State's 10 yard line and gracefully rolled towards the end zone. South Carolina State's coverage team bolted down the field but were milliseconds away from pinning the Tigers on their own one. The touchback completely flipped the field in what initially looked like a disaster. How Roberts was able to get the kick off with barely an inch to breathe is beyond me, but aside from being a spectacular play, the 74-yard boot set a new Celebration Bowl record.

It wasn't Roberts' only highlight of the day, either. He had a touchdown-saving tackle on Jackson State's Warren Newman and finished the game with a 49.2 yard average on eight punts. His great performance was capped with the Bulldogs getting the 31-10 win in the classic HBCU matchup.

Afterward, he told everyone on social media to remember his name.

Watch out college football, there's a new star punter in town.

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