Fixing the College Football Playoff
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Fixing the College Football Playoff: 3 Ways to Make Everyone Happy

When college football fans called for a playoff to solve all their issues, they were sadly wrong again. If anything, the College Football Playoff caused more controversy, and most of the complaints have come from fans of schools left out of the playoffs altogether.

Ok, it's mainly UCF Knights fans who claimed they were unfairly left out of the playoff in 2017 after going undefeated, but they aren't the only ones. Ohio State Buckeyes' faithful felt slighted big time about being left out despite the fact that they won the Big Ten in 2017 and 2018.

So, do these schools have legitimate complaints? Actually, they do. Here are easy suggestions for the College Football Playoff that'll make the system better and keep everyone happy.

1. The 8-Team College Football Playoff

The biggest complaint about these playoffs is only four teams are picked to get in. By expanding the field to eight, you can include non Power 5 teams like UCF and give them a chance to prove themselves. Don't get me wrong, this won't solve every issue, but I think it would solve most of the issues and complaints.

2. Automatic Bids for Conference Champs

Ohio State Buckeye fans' biggest complaint was their team being left out of the 2017 and 2018 playoff despite winning the Big The Conference, something Alabama didn't do, but the Crimson Tide reached the CFP based on merit alone. (Although in the 2016 College Football Playoff, Ohio State got in without winning the Big Ten themselves that year, but I digress.) Making the top five seeds major conference champions, and adding three at large bids would solve those problems.

3. Reward Top Seeds with Home Games

Instead of having fans travel halfway across the country to see their team play, the top four seeds should be able to host home games. Imagine if LSU, Ohio State, Clemson and Oklahoma played home games in 2019, while the other four teams left, including Georgia, Oregon, Baylor and Wisconsin, would play road games against a more deserving top-four seed.

Expand the playoff, reward conference champions, get some Power 5 underdogs in the mix, and let's see a playoff game atmosphere to showcase incredible fan bases at home stadiums.

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