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College Football Dance-Off Earns Every Single Player a Penalty

Ahh, yes, dancing. A timeless tradition in the sport of football. From busting a move in the end zone after scoring a touchdown to saying screw it and getting your boogie on in the middle of the game like these adorable pee wee players, everyone loves watching a team groove out.

Even mascots have proved that the most exciting event on the gridiron can be a 6-foot-6 cougar named Cosmo doing a front flip or a duck named Puddles twerking in front of 50,000 people.

When two college football teams engaged in a fierce but fun dance-off during a game, referees swooped in and ruined everybody's fun.

Georgia Southern-Coastal Carolina Dance-Off

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Back in 2019, Georgia Southern beat Coastal Carolina in a triple overtime Sun Belt Conference thriller, 30-27.

The most thrilling part of the game wasn't any of the touchdowns scored or anything that happened after regulation. It was the hilarious team-wide dance-off that took place between the third and fourth quarters.

When Sheck Wes' "Mo Bamba" was played over the loudspeakers at Allen E. Paulson Stadium in Statesboro, Georgia, Eagles players began dancing and jumping around in excitement.

That's when Coastal Carolina's team "took exception" to the dancing and attempted to one-up them, according to ESPN.

Referees certainly took exception.

Everyone's least favorite zebra men ruined the party, throwing their yellow flags into the sky. They issued unsportsmanlike conduct penalties to not just one, two or even five players from both sides. Every single player from both team received a penalty, which resulted in the ejection of three players who had already been given unsportsmanlike penalties.

Oh, c'mon refs! Let the kids have some fun for once. It's not like they were in each other's faces or on the verge of fighting. Are we sure these NCAA referees aren't from the No Fun League?

It's not often you see every player on the field receive a penalty, but at least CCU and GSU didn't let the refs stop them from giving fans a terrific game.

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