Trent Dilfer shouts at coach on sideline
Screenshot from ESPN broadcast

Trent Dilfer Loses His Mind on UAB Sideline vs Tulane

UAB head coach Trent Dilfer was heated on the sideline after a substitution penalty by his team.

UAB and Tulane were locked in a tight matchup down in New Orleans. The Blazers and the Green Wave have gone back and forth, with both teams holding a lead at some point during the game. Early in the fourth quarter, UAB was down by eight points, and was prepared to make a defensive stop and get the ball back. After forcing a stop on third down, the Blazers were flagged with a defensive illegal substitution penalty. Because of the yardage on the penalty, Tulane was given a free first down.

After the lapse in judgment by UAB, head coach Trent Dilfer was seen on the sidelines mad and yelling at his defensive coordinator, Sione Ta'ufo'ou. UAB did not give up a touchdown on the drive, but Dilfer was still livid for giving up field position and a chance to get the ball to have a chance to tie the game. His defensive coordinator started to respond to Dilfer, pulling off his headset and verbally jabbing back at his head coach before turning around and addressing his defense before they returned to the field. Dilfer would then walk over to another assistant and continue his shouting.

UAB's defense was already having a rough day. The Blazers lost 35-23 to the Green Wave and gave up 448 total yards of offense, including 264 rushing yards. Tulane quarterback Michael Pratt played in his second game in his return from injury, passing for 135 yards and a touchdown, while also rushing for 40 yards on five carries. Tulane's leading rusher on the day was Makhi Hughes with 111 yards and two rushing touchdowns. UAB dropped to 1-4 in Dilfer's first season following a two-game road trip to Athens and then New Orleans. They'll return home next week to play South Florida.

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