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Creative Trick Play Snaps Ball Over Punter's Head on Purpose

Woo buddy!

The Hawaii Bowl featured Middle Tennessee State and Hawaii in a pretty high-scoring game back in 2016. The Rainbow Warriors won, 52-35, and had one incredible play that you just have to see to believe.

Facing a fourth down late in the third quarter and up 10 points, Hawaii could have punted but opted for something much more fun. This fake punt was probably unlike anything you've seen.

Not only did they go for the fake punt, but it wasn't even the punter! Hawaii had wideout Makoa Camanese-Stevens lined up behind the punter who fired it to Ammon Barker to pick up a new set of downs. This is why all bowl games are important.

Hawaii's Fake Punt Over The Punter

Pure genius! The defense must have been so confused by this one.

Was it an errant snap and a player in the right place at the right time? Why was no one expecting fake when a random dude was chilling behind the punter? Just how far was that freakin' snap?

These are the questions Middle Tennessee must have been asking itself after that play.

This article was originally published on December 25, 2016, but a bowl game trick play like this deserves to be seen again.

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