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Lineman Hits "Prime Time" TD Dance After Deion Sanders Asked for It

Playing for Deion Sanders must be an absolute blast. The Jackson State head coach has one of the most likable personalities in the history of sport, plus "Prime Time" has shown he can recruit top athletes and steamroll the living heck out of his opponents in Mississippi.

At halftime of the Tigers' blowout win over Mississippi Valley State, Neon Deion gave his team a pump-up speech to "put the nail in the coffin." It was "turnover time," as the legendary former Florida State and NFL cornerback called it, before telling whoever gets an interception or defensive touchdown to "do the dance."

Everyone knows Deion's famous "Prime Time" dance, and one Jackson State defensive lineman nailed it after the speech.

Lineman Hits "Prime Time" Dance at Deion's Request

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With less than a minute left in the game, JSU defensive lineman Jaumonie Crain broke through the offensive line and sacked the quarterback. The ball fumbled onto the ground and he picked it up and took it to the end zone for a touchdown.

Just before scoring, the 265-pounder hit the famous "Prime Time" dance and pranced his way across the goal line. He may have done it better than his Hall of Fame coach.

Coach Prime couldn't get enough of it. Wearing his visor backwards, he couldn't stop smiling and laughing and all of the Jackson State players loved it. When coach tells you to hit the dance, you better hit the heck out of it. JSU won the game, 43-7.

Deion Sanders is bringing an element of fun to Jackson State. His SWAC team is 3-0 so far after wins over Edward Waters, Grambling State and now Mississippi Valley State in the FCS.

The football coach is loving every bit of his transition from TV to the sidelines, and moments like these are exactly why.

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