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Kirk Herbstreit Snaps at CFB Fans Who Hate ESPN’s New Alabama All-Access Series

Imagine trying to get behind-the-scenes footage of The Beatles or The Rolling Stones before one of their biggest shows ever. Seems like a tough task, right? You have to have a big enough name and know just the right people to make it happen . Well, that's what it's like to have All-Access to head coach Nick Saban and the Alabama Football program right now.

Obviously neither is completely impossible. Both iconic bands have similar footage all over YouTube and now ESPN is going to air an all-access series with the defending College Football Playoff national champions ahead of the 2018 season.

Training Days: Rolling with the Tide, a four-episode series, will debut on August 9 and air episodes on Aug. 15, Aug. 22, and Aug. 29 leading up to the first weekend of the college football season.

This should be considered a rare and incredible opportunity (and ratings for the Worldwide Leader in Sports) to get a glimpse inside a powerhouse program with a legendary coach, but apparently there are some sour rival fans out there completely uninterested in the program or the network's choice to follow the Crimson Tide.

One bold Auburn fan decided to make a comment on social media and paid the price.

Whether you love or hate The Beatles, or fall somewhere in between, it would have been logical for one of the best music companies to cover an important moment for the band. This is no different.

Alabama, which has has won five of the last nine national titles, has a quarterback controversy, has lost a host of linebackers for various reasons, and needs to fill some key positions in order to make a run to the 2019 College Football Playoff.

What a complete no-brainer for all parties, and luckily ESPN College GameDay analyst Kirk Herbstreit came to the rescue to put the Auburn fan and others in their place.

Mercy, that was beautiful.

It's one thing to be bitter about Alabama in general and the attention the program receives. There's no doubt some fans are simply jealous.

However, when a team is this good, this historic, and someone lets you in the door, you take it.

This is must-see TV for all college football fans. Getting first-hand accounts, what coaches' meetings are like, a full look at the facilities, and what players do off the field all sound like winners.

It's a shame some fans don't see it that way.

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