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Georgia Fans Drive 30 Hours Cross-Country to Give Alum a Special Gift

The beauty of college football is that the amount of positive stories are endless and can come in all shapes and sizes. Take the Colgate football program, whose act of kindness will help hundreds of displaced families while Hurricane Florence pounds the Atlantic Coast.

Then, there are totally random acts like what three long-time Georgia Bulldogs' boosters did for a former Georgia quarterback and coach, who is battling peripheral neuropathy, which causes numbness in his feet. The catch? They drove across the country to Colorado State University to deliver well wishes and a very special gift.

Coach Mike Bobo has led the Colorado State Rams each of the past three seasons. Bobo's team is 21-18 during his tenure and have gone to three-consecutive bowl games. Prior to the start of the 2018 season, Bobo was hospitalized for 10 days after experiencing numbness in his feet, which he is still battling.

On Wednesday, Bobo was told that a few people were asking to see the head football coach after the Rams' team practice. Waiting outside were three Georgia football boosters, who Bobo immediately recognized.

"As soon as I walked out there, I recognized her and her husband," Bobo said. "I said 'what are ya'll doing? Are you making a trip?' They said, 'nah, wanted to come see you.' That means a lot."

The Georgia boosters, Chris, Diane and Lori, to drive across the country and hand-delivered the former University of Georgia quarterback a wooden walking stick to help in his recovery.

The condition leaves Bobo with a noticeable limp. He coached the Rams opening game against Hawaii from the booth, but returned to the sideline, despite difficulty walking, to coach his team against Colorado, and the team's come-from-behind win against SEC foe Arkansas.

"This might be my good luck cane right here," Bobo said.

This season, led by redshirt senior quarterback K.J. Carta-Samuels, the Rams passing attack ranks 10th in the nation averaging 369.0 yards per game, and they've scored on every single offensive possession in the red zone. Bobo also doubles as CSU football's offensive coordinator.

For these three to drive all the way cross-country from Athens, Georgia to Fort Collins, Colorado, just to deliver well-wishes and a heartwarming gift, is one of the best stories you'll see all season, and it proves once again that nothing beats a big heart and positive attitudes.

Bobo's team will travel to take on the Florida Gators in Gainesville this Saturday. Keep an eye out for the Colorado State head coach's lucky wooden cane as the Rams look to knock off their second-straight SEC opponent.

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