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Oregon Mascot's Viral Dance Routine Made Everyone Go Wild

Every university loves its mascot, but perhaps none is as beloved as Puddles, the University of Oregon's mascot. The Duck is renowned throughout the world of college sports, frequently going viral for his antics on game day.

The Oregon Ducks' mascot blew up in 2017 after a video of him dancing with the Oregon athletics cheerleaders at halftime of a college football game against the Utah Utes at Autzen Stadium in Eugene. The video, during which the mascot and the cheerleading squad danced to popular hip hop songs, took off on social media, gathering tons of views and putting both Puddles and the cheer team in the spotlight.

It must be hard being famous.

Oregon Mascot's Viral Dance Routine


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This wasn't the only time Puddles has been the talk of the town, far from it in fact. The Duck was in a viral dance-off against BYU's Cosmo the Cougar, which was aired on ESPN. Cosmo, who is a viral sensation in his own right after showcasing his moves with the BYU dance team, is one of the most popular mascots in the NCAA.

Additionally, Puddles, the best mascot in the Pac-12, has displayed his dance moves at the Matthew Knight Arena on multiple occasions during college basketball games and volleyball games. The leader of the Quack is also well known for doing pushups on the sidelines of football games, one for every point scored by the mighty Ducks, which frequently results in quite the workout for the mascot.

Puddles has taken the big stage on various occasions, featuring alongside the Ducks at the Rose Bowl as well as the National Championship in 2014, where Oregon were defeated by the Cardale Jones-led Ohio State Buckeyes.

Keep those moves coming, Puddles.

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