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Mascot Shoots Himself in the Junk With T-Shirt Gun

There are bizarre-looking mascots, absolutely terrible mascots, and mascots with pretty incredible traditions. Then there is Colorado on-field mascot Chip the Buffalo.

In what seemed like a rather routine act during Colorado's 45-14 stomping of New Hampshire in September 2018, poor Chip fired the t-shirt gun toward the crowd. The only problem was it was aimed the wrong direction, or it had a terrible malfunction.

Either way, it hit him ridiculously hard below the belt and sent him immediately to the ground.

Go right ahead. Spend a few minutes watching this on repeat.

Colorado Mascot's T-Shirt Gun Malfunction

The video deserves several loops and some serious laughs. Then, when you can finally stop laughing, it deserves a lot more loops and even harder laughs. Watching a buffalo mascot blast a t-shirt gun into his groin might never get old.
It had to have hurt so bad, though.

To add insult to injury, Chip the Buffalo — not to be mistaken for Ralphie the Buffalo, the live mascot who led the Pac-12 Conference team onto the field at Folsom Field during home games on Saturdays for years — had to be placed on the back of the medical cart and wheeled off.

The t-shirt gun to the crotch is on a level of its own, but the cart is just as hilarious.

Bravely, Chip the Buffalo remained in costume as he waved to the crowd of over 50,000 people, many of whom had no idea what just happened. That's some serious dedication.

Not to mention, that wave is as he travels more than 100 yards across the field with both feet just dangling off the cart and the medical team running behind him.

Simply. Amazing.

Thankfully, Chip the Buffalo was all good, and the fuzzy mascot made it back to the sidelines.

Whether you cringe watching it on repeat, tear up because you are laughing so hard, or anything else in-between, it will be hard to top this mascot blunder.

Perhaps there should be some training with that t-shirt gun before something like this ever happens to poor Chip again.

This post was originally published on September 20, 2018.

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