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College Mascot Runs Over Helpless Little Kids

Before the Cincinnati Bengals hosted the New England Patriots on a Sunday afternoon in December 2019, all fans could talk about were the Spygate 2.0 accusations, and understandably so. What everyone was raving about after has absolutely nothing to do with the actual game.

Look, everyone knew the Patriots were going to win. Despite an unexpected losing streak, they were the reigning Super Bowl champions and Cincinnati, well, just wasn't very good at all. So while the 34-13 final score at Paul Brown Stadium wasn't very surprising, the best highlight on the field was perhaps the most unexpected thing.

For whatever reason, a group of mascots took on a Pop Warner football team from Union, Kentucky at halftime. Then, an NFL-level stiff arm took place that had social media going crazy.

Cincinnati Mascot Runs Over Little Kids

Lined up as a running back, Bearcat, the beloved Cincinnati Bearcats mascot, took the hand off around the 10-yard line and took on the entire Union Raiders defense.

First, Bearcat stiff-armed a player in the backfield. Then, he trucked over another before powering his way over a few more fourth-graders to the end zone for a touchdown.

Here's the view from up-top, too. It's the best angle to see the whole play develop.

To so many, it was actually very funny to watch the NCAA college football mascot. Unfortunately, however, it appears one kid got hurt after he scored and went to the sideline.

The Cincinnati Bearcat mascot wasn't messing around on defense, either. He even caught a kid going for the end zone and tackled him.

It's hard telling what was going through the mascot's mind during the halftime game, but let it be known that the Cincy Bearcat is definitely a competitor.

Needless to say, the second half of the Bengals-Patriots wasn't any better than this.

This post was originally published on December 17, 2019.

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